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Market Alert – RAY DIRKS Research recommends Nyxio Technologies (

September 10, 2011

Ray Dirks and his team of Money Managers and Security Analysts Recommend that Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Fiduciaries and High-Net Worth Individual Investors purchase the common stock of Nyxio Technologies Corp. ( at a price of $0.60 (Sixty Cents) per share – for Significant Capital Appreciation over the Short Term (One Year), the Intermediate Term (Two Years).

Specifically, RAY DIRKS Research thinks that the shares of Nyxio Technologies will appreciate by about 4 times within a year to about $3.00 per share, will go up to about $7.00 per share within 2 years.

Why is NYXO such a terrific stock? The answer is –Nyxio Technologies was established in 2007 to deliver cutting-edge products to the consumer electronics industry, and in just a few years Nyxio’s management team has demonstrated a keen ability to innovate and keep ahead of the technology curve.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Nyxio Technologies is fast becoming a leading-edge driver and developer of technology for the consumer electronics industry.

Nyxio is dedicated to bringing revolutionary designs to the marketplace – including tablet PCs, All-in-One PCs, Smart TVs, and ground-breaking concepts like the Venture “Mobile Media Viewer” (“VMMV”). NYXO’s development process identifies technical deficiencies within the consumer electronics market and aims to develop product offerings that provide creative solutions.

Nyxio’s flagship product, the VioSphere Smart TV, is the only integrated flat screen TV and full PC available on the market today. Smart TV is a cross-functional device that incorporates television and the Web, offering TV applications and other interactive Internet services, such as online shopping, games, and Internet phone calls. Nyxio released the product three years before the consensus determined that the Connected TV and Smart TV would ride the next consumer technology wave.

One of the largest technology companies in the world, Intel Corporation, believes that the Smart TV is the electronic device of the future, in the living room anyway. Erik Huggins, Vice President and Managing Director of Intel’s Digital Home Group, said “Smart TV is the opportunity”, provides compelling reasons behind backing the Smart TV of the future, mostly based on the fact that the market is wide open, and where there is a market worth 500 Billion Dollars, there are good reasons for manufacturers to come up with winning products and services. A Smart TV device is either a television set with integrated Internet capabilities or a set-top box for television that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic television set. In addition to a broader range of content from TV providers – ranging from traditional broadcast TV, video on-demand and catch-up TV services, Smart TV also provides consumers with access to user-generated content and to a range of advanced interactive services and Internet applications. While the rest of the industry is currently pandering to the “new” technology that is 3D, the Chief Executive Officer of Intel, Paul Ottellini, is betting big on “Web-based televisions being the future of where our viewing is going.” Speaking at an investors’ day, Otellini stated, “The TV revolution we’re about to go through is the biggest change since the move to color.”

Hey – That was 60 Years ago, in the Middle of the Twentieth Century!!! — So Now, the Internet and TV are Finally Converging, in a way that Consumers seem to be responding to, and Nyxio Technologies has already been at the Forefront of the Next-Generation Technology for the past 3 years. The Smart TV has arrived with 3D capabilities: Web Browsing, Social Networking, and Multiple Applications. So why will Smart TVs succeed when other Internet-Enabled Devices have failed? Broadband is the Biggest Reason. In years past, many of the other devices were restricted to slower networks. With Broadband Penetration More Widespread, devices can now work up to their potential. And Nyxio Technologies has a Wealth of Next -Generation Products and complementary accessories, including Tablet PCs, Smart TVs, All-in-One PCs, and Mobile Media Viewers:

A. The VioSphere: The VioSphere Smart TV is the first – and only – fully integrated television with a built-in personal computer on the market today. Designed as a full-spectrum entertainment system, the touch-screen TV combines HDTV technology with a personal computer and media center. The latest product from Nyxio, the VioSphere Smart TV saves time, money, space, and energy. A recent press release dated August 9 revealed that the VioSphere Smart TV centers on a fully integrated touch-screen TV. The integrated components include a DVD player/burner, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, webcam, and – of course, a PC. A split-screen design allows for experiencing content via television while viewing content from the PC simultaneously. Touch-screen navigation enables users to move through applications and features easily. Additionally, the VioSphere offers video conferencing capabilities, which extends its use from the home to the professional setting. “Today’s entertainment options are broader than ever before, and Nyxio has created TV that accommodates the many media available to the consumer, including television, film, video, and games, both online and off” said Giorgio Johnson, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nyxio. “Essentially, the VioSphere Smart TV is the ultimate home entertainment system.”

VioSphere Smart TV Features at a Glance:

A. 22”, 26”, 32”, 42”, 55”, 65” LCD display screen with 1080p HD
B. Touch screen (also available in non-touch screen)
C. Built-in DVD player/burner
D. Bluetooth
E. Wi-Fi
F. Realtek RTL8102 PCI-E Fast Ethernet/LAN
G. Embedded Webcam
H. Embedded codec, microphone, and ultimate sound system
I. Bluetooth Wireless keyboard
J. 320GB hard drive (up to 1TB)
K. Operating system. Windows 7 Ultimate
L. Inputs: HDMI, USB, VGA, S-Video, DVI, Av, microphone, earphone

B. The Omega: The Omega is a compact, state-of-the-art Windows 7 Tablet PC with a 10.2” touch screen, built-in Web Cam, Wi-Fi, optional SIM card port, and 3G modules for mobile phone functionality.

C. The Venture MMV: The Venture Mobile Phone Viewers (MMV) are a new class of video eyewear that allow consumers the ability to watch movies and other video content with a cinematic view, as well as listen to music or read books without the product being connected.

D. The Realm: An all-in-one PC/TV, The Realm combines the latest in PC technology with HDTV. A full 22” touch screen provides as vivid display, and built in Wi-Fi, camera microphone, DVD player – and Bluetooth saves space.

E. The Plateau – All new product coming soon!!!

The highly-regarded Bedford Report, a leader in analyzing the enormous consumer electronics industry, has just published a Company Overview on Nyxio Technologies, which starts out – “Get ready for a radically different way of watching television. Forget schedules and channels, and don’t assume you’ll actually be watching television on a television set. It’s on-Demand, and it’s already redefining how consumers watch their favorite shows and movies!!!! Okay – But there’s Another Great Reason to Buy NYXO Now — Nyxio’s Outstanding Management Team, under the Overall Leadership of Giorgio Johnson , Founder and Chief Executive Officer! Giorgio Johnson founded Nyxio Technologies in 2007. As the visionary behind Nyxio, Mr. Johnson remains a key catalyst in keeping the NYXO ahead of the curve. A 20-Year veteran in the technology field, Mr. Johnson relies on his experience as an engineer as well as his background as an entrepreneur to bring Cutting-Edge Technology to the Marketplace.

David Dabau – Chief Operating Officer – Mr. David Dabau’s broad industry expertise ranges across a career encompassing 25 plus years in manufacturing, purchasing, materials management, and financial operations. Mr. Dabau holds a project management professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

Mirjam Metcalf – Vice President of Finance Ms. Metcalf has served as Vice President of Finance for Nyxio Technologies since 2010. She contributes more than 20 years of experience in accounting and finance to NYXO.

Nyxio Technologies is represented by the world recognized legal firm of Greenberg Traurig, LLP. NYXO’s auditors are Weaver & Martin, CPA’s. And Nyxio Technologies currently has a Market Capitalization of $22,875,000 with approximately 36 Million shares outstanding. Mr. Giorgio Johnson does own a warrant to purchase up to a maximum of 37,500,000 shares of NYXO common stock at $0.01 (one cent) per share.

RAY DIRKS Research believes that Nyxio Technologies will be able to announce a number of Substantial Orders for its Innovative New Products in the next few weeks and months. The VioSphere Smart TV product alone could generate orders of Two Hundred Million Dollars or more in the next few months. For all of the reasons spelled out in this article on Nyxio Technologies (NYXO), Ray Dirks and his Team of Money Managers and Security Analysts believe that NYXO should appreciate by ten times to about $3.00 per share within One Year, go up by 20 times to about $7.00 per share within 2 Years, and rise by over 40 times to at least $12.00 per share within 3 Years.

For readers of this article on , who wish to talk with Ray Dirks personally, you are encouraged to visit Ray on

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