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Transcript from Donald Trump Jr.’s speech from MacroSolve presentation at Small Cap Conference:

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for that warm welcome. I’m thrilled to be here with you today and to talk to you about something that has revolutionized our world and been a major force in our economic future…and that is…


Yes, I did say “beef”, as in rib eye or porterhouse, well-done or medium-well. Or….like a Trump family favorite, a Prime New York Sirloin Steak from Wolfgang’s on Park Avenue. America’s love for beef has changed everything.


It was our hunger for red meat that brought about the glory days of beef dressing in 1870s Chicago. That meat processing success became the inspiration for a curious engineer and former farm boy from Dearborn, Michigan, who – with one of his many infamously brilliant ideas – transformed our culture.

Henry Ford, seeking a way to bring affordable Model-T’s to the masses, took a trip to Chicago and those deliciously successful meatpacking factories. There, among the bloody mess of the stockyards, thick with the stench of raw meat they say carried on the wind for miles, Ford watched as an overhead trolley moved each cow from station to station, from cut to cut, from inspection to refrigeration. Instead of the worker moving to the product, the product moved to the worker.

Brilliant. Revolutionary. Life altering.

From that Chicago slaughterhouse disassembly line came the Ford Motor Company’s assembly line. And with that moment in ingenuity, Henry Ford changed life forever.

All because he was a visionary…inspired…by beef.

Thanks to Ford’s idea, parts were interchangeable, motors were assembled faster, and cars were suddenly affordable to the every man. What had once been coined the “pleasure car”, only for those with money and status, was now in the driveway of nearly every household. Americans purchased them in every color, washed them on Saturdays, and dressed them in ribbons and bows on holidays to parade them down Main Street. Those vehicles allowed Americans to discover a love of the open road, a need for speed, and to rev their pioneering spirit. We built highways for the driving, restaurants with outdoor seating, and movie theaters where we’d never have to exit our cars.

We conquered new ground. We zipped from place to place. We redesigned entire landscapes, all to suit the thrill of having the wind in our hair.

What Ford had accomplished was unimaginable. And escalating. And even unrealized by Ford himself.

What he had done…was take us mobile.

Today that word has a different meaning. Our mobility isn’t from one side of town to the other. It’s from here to anywhere, from anywhere and back, from this spot of ground I stand on to the other side of the world. All in an instant. Our world is now global and the need to connect to that worldwide community is acute.

Consumers want immediate access. Anytime. Anywhere. They not only want that wind in their hair, they want it at their fingertips. The mobile age makes that possible. And make no mistake, we are in the mobile age.

As of July, there were 5.3 billion mobile subscribers on the planet. And growing. That’s 77 percent of the world’s population…all living life with a mobile unit in hand, in pocket, dressed in skins, zipped in bags, all within easy reach.

The first billion subscribers took 20 years to reach. The next billion will take roughly 15 months.

This isn’t the middle of the mobile surge, this isn’t even close to the end. We aren’t watching the embers cool, we’re only being teased with the first flickers of the flame. Owning a cell phone is as part of everyday life as owning a vehicle. We may not hand wash them in our driveways every Saturday, but we never leave home…or even a room…without taking them with us.

Now smartphones have revolutionized the mobile industry again. They have moved consumers away from wanting the slickest, thinnest mobile unit to wanting the most capable. Goodbye Motorola’s sleek fashion clamshell phone, the RAZR,that sold 130 million units after it launched in ‘04. Hello the RAZR Smartphone, Android equipped with streaming capabilities. Or Motorola’s Droid Bionic. Or the HTC Sensation. Or the Samsung Galaxy S II. Or the Apple iPhone 4S.

Smartphone sales exceeded 50 percent of the overall US mobile market in 2011’s first quarter. It’s expected to eclipse that number by 2012. Shipments of smartphones reached an unbelievable 117 million units in 2011’s third quarter alone.

But is that the end? Have we reached mobile saturation? We…have…not. It isn’t even the beginning. It’s the fringe of the beginning. The tickling edge of that fringe. Smartphone shipments are growing at 44 percent year over year. Why? Because of the next revolution…It’s here, it’s live, it’s viral. And it’s, once again, putting us in a position to discover something as groundbreaking as the open road. Only this time, that road is digital.

Now is the age of the App.


Smartphones have done more than allow us access to our email and the internet from any location. They’re doing what the Model-T did for American mobility. They are taking us on a culture-shifting ride.

Fleeting are the days of paper and pen, of calculators, of schedule books and calendars and spiral binders. Now, if you need anything, there’s an app for it. Or one in development. Want to read a book? There’s an app for that. Want to check your bank account? There’s an app for that. Want to calculate your carbon footprint? Yes. There’s an app for that, too.

The Android market has more than 500,000 apps as of September. Apple has 600,000. The App Development Market is on a course to hit $100 billion by 2015, with 116 million Americans turning their eye and their business toward mobile app usage. A 19 percent increase from last year.

All big numbers. Astronomical, really. But they all boil down to one reality: mobility is booming.

This isn’t a new way to do business. This is moving business to new ground. All uncharted. All open for the next Columbus, Lewis and Clark, or Ferdinand Magellan. It’s the New World across the Atlantic. It’s open countries without fence, border, or hostile government.

It’s prime real estate. That is why I’m involved, why the Trump name is involved and why we’re expanding into this market. We understand land. We understand location. And this digital real estate is the prime location. All development ready.

Imagine consumers choosing which company logos to erect in their front yard, seen every day, passed regularly, lived around…a logo becoming part of the accepted – yes, even welcomed – landscape. Imagine the intimacy of that relationship. Putting a business’s app on a mobile user’s home screen is doing just that. They have invited that business into a very exclusive plot of land: Theirs.

If we are seeking a prosperous future during and beyond our current economic recession… friends…we’ve found it. App development job listings for Android developers soared 302 percent in this year’s first quarter when compared to the same time period only last year. iPhone app developers job postings rose 220 percent.

Mobility means revenue, revenue means jobs. App development isn’t only the job of tomorrow. It’s without doubt the industry of today.


On our show Celebrity Apprentice, it really only takes one single factor to set an apprentice apart from another. Really. One.

It isn’t their popularity, their appearance, their famous or infamous name. It’s not even, many times, their business acumen.

It’s their edge. That edge sets them apart. That edge proves they have something…more: A shrewdness for market prediction. A sharp awareness of approaching problems. A solution-ready mindset. A hunter’s nose.

Businesses need an edge, too. And more and more of them are realizing exactly what that edge is: a mobility solution. Whether that includes a simple custom app or a complex security and management plan. Mobility…(big smile)…is their trump card.

And they know it. 81 percent of SMBs (small and medium businesses) are playing that card now. By the end of the year, mobile solutions will be a $32 billion industry.

With the global mobile application market worth $6.8 billion last year, and on course to hit $25 billion within three short years, the facts tell the story. This is the market of the future. It’s the next great discovery. The next epic shift in how we do business. And that is why it was so important for me and Trump branded businesses to find a mobility-solutions company with that edge in the digital world.

That’s MacroSolve.

They are making the world possible. Here. Now. Whether it’s designing a custom app, a sales presentation interface, or branding your mobility solution to increase your business’s productivity and revenues, MacroSolve is the bridge builder, creating a clear and sturdy path toward the lush, green landscape of tomorrow’s business. As well as today’s solutions.

Their 15-years of experience prove they know how to spot the waves, judge the direction of the wind, and ride the shifting tides in the digital marketplace. MacroSolve has that edge. They have that hunter’s nose. They have a proven track record of pioneering development and a long-established relationship with the top name brands in wireless hardware, software and carriers. Their patent portfolio puts them years ahead in innovation, while their enterprising move to be a publicly traded app company – a rarity in the industry – shows they have positioned themselves to be the next Model-T maker.

From on foot to on horseback, from horseless carriages to internal combustible engines, from Ford Motor Company to the world now…mobility is here. This is our time in history to be visionaries.

Henry Ford had his moment, standing there in a warehouse, surrounded by nothing more than stockyards. Other car companies could have discovered it. They didn’t. They could have recognized the potential. They didn’t. They saw nothing but beef.

But Ford…well…he saw something…more.

He recognized market demand and how to meet it. Through ingenuity and a sixth sense for the American consumer, he established himself as king of the open road.

It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to the future of mobility, to the visionaries positioned to be the Henry Ford of the digital age – MacroSolve and their CEO Steve Signoff.

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