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Market Alert – RAY DIRKS Recommends Winland Ocean Shipping Corp. (WLOL.ob) at $0.39 (39 cents) per share for very substantial capital appreciation over the Short Term (6 Months), the Intermediate Term (1.5 Years), and the Long Term (3 Years).

 Specifically, Winland Ocean Shipping, the stock of which sells in the United States for a Market Capitalization of only $76 Million, is likely, in the opinion of Ray Dirks and his team of money managers and security analysts, to quadruple in price within six months to about $1.50 per share, to rise in value by about 10 times to nearly $4.00 per share within 1.5 years.

 Winland Ocean Shipping, incorporated in the United States in the state of Texas, sells at substantially less than its current book value. Winland is an under-followed, undervalued, under-appreciated, and under-priced common stock that, on November 14th, reported an 84% increase in Net Income for the 3rd quarter as compared with the same period in 2010. Net Income was $3.0 Million compared with $1.6 Million.

 Winland Ocean Shipping is a global martime shipping company with a fleet of 11 Company-owned vessels,  primarily in the handysize and supramax categories. Winland engages in ocean transportation of dry bulk cargoes and chartering brokerage services worldwide. The ocean shipping fleet has a self-owned carrying capacity of over 240,000 tons. Through monthly charters and time charters, Winland can provide carrying capacity of about 1,000,000 tons with shipping lines to major ports around the world.

 Over 90% of world trade tonnage is provided by maritime shipping. The other modern means of transportation are Railway, Air, Road, and Pipe.

 The dry bulk maritime shipping business is enormous. Among maritime shipping, approximately 40% of the shipping volume is for dry bulk, and dry bulk shipping is Winland Ocean Shipping’s core business. The other types of maritime transportation are oil/gas, which is 30% of the total, and container, which is also accounts for approximately 30% of the total.

 Winland Ocean Shipping services the largest oceanic regions of the world – China, the Far-east, India-Pakistan, the Mid-east Persian Gulf, the Red Sea Mediterranean, and Africa.

 China, the world’s largest country in terms of population, is the biggest region serviced by Winland Ocean Shipping. China’s tremendous economic growth is fueling stupendous increases in ocean shipping cargo throughput for the coastal ports in China. Look at the numbers for each year from 2001 through 2010. as follows:                                 

                       China’s Coastal Port throughput (in Billion Tons with % increases)   

                                 2001  —            1.4    

                                 2002   —           1.8             29  

                                 2003   —           2.0             11       

                                 2004   —           2.5             25      

                                 2005   —           2.8             12  

                                 2006   —           3.3             18        

                                 2007   —           3.7             12     

                                 2008   —           4.2             14  

                                 2009   —           4.8             14

                                 2010   —           5.4             13             

The dry bulk ocean shipping market provided to all of the regions that Winland Ocean Shipping services include the following categories : Corn, Steel, Ore, Coal, Equipment, Fertilizer, Wood, and Cement.

Some of the major of Winland Ocean shipping include many governments, including China, India, and the provincial governments within those countries, many private institutions, and numerous large corporations, including the following:  Cargill, Sinoma, Posco, Viterra, Stemco, Eastern Car Liner, Eternal, ADM, CSC, JFE, Metz, MRM, and LBH Group.

The Chief Executive Officer of Winland Ocean Shipping, Ms. Xue Ying, said, “The global shipping industry is still full of volatility and challenges. The majority of China’s state-owned shipping companies, including COSCO and China Shipping, have suffered huge losses. The average Baltic Dry Index for the first three quarters this year dropped 50% from the same period last year, which evidenced the global shipping industry is experiencing a most difficult time. We are glad we have withstood the difficulties and challenges in the depressed market, and we are confident we will continue to maintain our growing pace.”

The President of Winland Ocean Shipping, Mr. Li Houglin, added. “Our profitable performance for the 3rd quarter was mainly contributed by significant gains from the disposition of three old vessels. In addition, two new 57,000 ton dry bulk carriers placed in service in the first half of this year have contributed to the profit. It evidences our fleet optimization strategy has made steady progress, and lays a solid foundation for further optimizing our fleet structure.” 

Winland Ocean Shipping intends to steadily expand its ocean fleet transport  capacity by constructing new vessels and by acquiring additional vessels in light of the current slump in the shipping market.

Winland is also in a great position to acquire other businesses around the world that have ocean-going vessels, but suffer from a lack of capital. The Company is highly regarded by the banking industry in Hong Kong and in the United States for its strong financial condition and for its outstanding management team with demonstrated superior performance..

Growth strategies for Winland Ocean Shipping include the following:

  1. Expand fleet capacity – by constructing new vessels and acquiring younger second-hand vessels.
  2. Improve fleet structure – by disposing of smaller and older vessels
  3. Develop large volume cargos market and charter in more handymax bulk vessels                                                                                                        
  4. Cooperate with Shipping-On-Line
  5. Identify and expand more profitable marketplace                             


Winland Ocean Shipping has a proven track record as demonstrated by the following: 

  1. Over 18 years proven track record
  2. Filed and disclosed all comprehensive reports and information  with the Securities and Exchange Commission in a timely manner 
  3. One of the most highly reputable non-state-owned shipping companies in its industry
  4. Well-known, brand recognition in the shipping industry.  
  5. Winland Ocean Shipping possesses a sound management team with the following favorable characteristics :

                       Solid maritime shipping knowledge and experience 

                       Expertise in specialized fields

                       Modern effective management system                                                           

                       Capability to effectively respond to crisis

RAY DIRKS Research believes that the management of Winland Ocean Shipping is correct in forecasting a powerful recovery in the global shipping industry from its currently depressed state. Ray Dirks and his team of security analysts and money managers believes that the common stock of Winland Ocean Shipping  (WLOL-bb) at its current price of $0.39 (39 cents per share) will rise sharply in the near future to at least 1.50 cents per share. 

Ray Dirks is convinced that Winland’s common stock will regain its 4th Quarter 2009 price of $3.00 per share within the next year, and possibly sooner if the world economy recovers as we think it will. 

Accordingly, RAY DIRKS Research recommends that Institutional Investors, Fiduciary Investors, and High Net Worth Individual Investors purchase and accumulate the common shares of Winland Ocean Shipping (WLOL) as soon as possible for very substantial capital appreciation over the Short Term, the Intermediate Term, and the Long Term.

Readers of this report are encouraged to contact Ray personally by e-mailing him at  Also please feel free to contact Winland Ocean Shipping through Nancy Jing, Chief Financial Officer, at and Tiger Cai, Investor Relations, at

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