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Ray Dirks and his team of Money Managers and Security Analysts, who do intensive research on a variety of Industries with High Growth Rates, are distributing this follow-up Article on Implant Sciences ( over the Internet on the Worldwide Web through the International Web Sites, and

Implant’s absurdly low price, which reflects a current Market Capitalization of only $60 Million, provides an incredible opportunity for Investors and/or their Financial Advisors to buy shares in Implant Sciences, which possesses Groundbreaking and Proprietary Technology that Addresses the Explosives Trace Detection Market throughout the World.

Implant Sciences develops, manufactures, and sells Sophisticated Sensors and Systems for the Explosives, Weapons, and Contraband Market, (the “EWC” Market), specifically the Explosives Trace Detection market, (the “ETD” Market). The trade-marked Quantum Sniffers of Implant Sciences are available in two configurations – Handheld Portable and Bench Top. Over 1,300 of these systems have been sold in 27 Countries around the world.

The Total Market Opportunity for Implant Sciences is Gargantuan and Growing Rapidly!!! – Total EWC equipment sales are forecasted to reach $2.5 Billion in 2012, and ETD equipment, supplies, and service are expected to reach $1.2 Billion by 2015.

The Patent Portfolio for the Best-in-Class Technology of Implant Sciences is very impressive – already consisting of 11 Security-related Patents Issued with 5 Pending and 2 Under License. The Patents cover a Broad Range of Technologies including Sample Collection, Analysis, and Detection.

Implant’s Technology is Proven and Differentiated – It’s High Performance, Highly Reliable, and has High-Availability. Impact Sciences has the only product line that is Non-Intrusive, Non-Radioactive, and requires Minimal Consumables. The products feature Automatic Calibration, Sampling without Contact or Consumable Materials (QS-H150), and Rapid Clear Down – All Significant Advantages in High Throughput Applications.

The US Department of Homeland Security has designated the Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology. That product and the QS-B220 bench top system employ Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology to detect trace explosives, incorporating Implant’s Patented, Non-Radioactive Ionization, and Fully Automatic Self-Calibration. These systems ionize particles in vapors (1 to 1 billion) – equal to what a dog can detect, but also can tell you what specific explosive it is, and it works 24/7 unlike an explosives detection dog. Implant’s systems are easy-to-use, easy to maintain, deliver a low total cost of ownership, and have zero radiation. All of the products of Implant Sciences are manufactured in the United States. Implant’s Intellectual Property portfolio contains 19 security-related patents – 13 awarded and 5 pending. These devices have been tested and certified by the TSA and are pending approval, which will open an entire breadth for the bench top market.

The detection of drugs is an enormous market opportunity which Implant Sciences addresses. The new Bench Top unit has the ability to detect any and all drug use exposure without the need for blood tests or urine samples. The drug use technology will be incorporated in the handheld device within 7 months. The portable handheld device will become a routine protocol for DWI checks by law enforcement (patrolman).

We believe TSA qualification is imminent. There is an aggressive push by Congress to get Implant Science equipment in all US airports to augment the current equipment, which uses X-Ray technology , poses radiation risk,  and does not detect explosives! . There are currently 16,000 airports in the US with 2,200 security checkpoint sites. There are 8000 older generation “swipe bench-tops” that will be obsolete within 2 years. These systems use radiation and are not the next generation technology that IMSC uses. This means that if they replace 1/3 of these existing systems, with IMSC units, IMSC could see sales of 3000 units averaging $40,000 for total annual revenues of $300million. RAY DIRKS Research expects to see substantial appreciation in shares of Implant Sciences with this TSA/TSL approval.


Currently there are over 1,300 systems sold in 27 countries. Customers and Applications include: Beijing Olympics, Beijing Mass Transit (Subways), India Ministry of Defense, Civil Aviation Administration of China, Massachusetts Steamship Authority, and the Port of Los Angeles, California. Implant Sciences has recently signed sales contracts with the Middle East (1.1mm), China ($586k), Russia, China, Spain, and the UK ($700k), and Middle East and China ($329k). Revenues for the past four quarters were $5.2 Million (through 3/31/2011). Management of Implant Sciences estimates Revenue of $18.9 Million in 2012 and expects to be EBITDA breakeven. Implant Sciences has a backlog of $9 Million, and the current pipeline is $90 Million.


The High-Profile Board of Directors and advisors highlights the stature of Implant Sciences. Howard Safir, Board Member, is the former New York City police commissioner and New York City Fire Commissioner, and Assistant Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Robert Liscouski , Board Member, served as the first Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection for the US Department of Homeland Security appointed by George W. Bush. Dr. Bill McGann (Advisor) was the Chief Technology Officer at GE Homeland Security with extensive TSA/TSL relations. Honorable Paul McHale (Advisor) was Assistant Secretary of Defense at the Department of Homeland Security, and is a former member of the House Armed Services Committee. Implant Sciences is engaged with the Monument Policy Group in Washington, and legally represented by Steptoe & Johnson.

In Summary you have a Company that has:

  • TSL Approval Imminent
  • TSA Qualification Imminent
  • Bench-top & Handheld Units Detection of Drugs(New Market Neglected By Shareholders)
  • IMSC stock is down from 1 Year Ago


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