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Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc. (OTC: AMKT), is an Integrated Marketing Solutions Company that focuses on four business verticals; Branding & Branded Merchandise, Interactive Solutions, Direct Relationship Marketing and Mobile Marketing. Ace Marketing has created a comprehensive suite of Integrated Marketing Solutions to Manage and Implement Branding and Marketing Strategies. Ace’s proprietary Technology Platform, “AcePlace”, is the centerpiece of their implementation strategy. AcePlace eliminates the need for companies to rely on multiple vendors to put their marketing strategies to work. Ace’s implementation philosophy is based on a systematic and data-driven process to identify ideal clients, prospects and branding strategies. Their integrated platforms utilize the ideal delivery methods to strengthen brand awareness and drive effective marketing programs that produce results that can be easily defined and measured. Although we believe the future of advertising and marketing must include the “Trifecta”: Digital Content, Targeted Social Media, and Mobile Device delivery. Ace Marketing & Promotions exclusive agreement with Shopping Malls and Sports & Entertainment venues throughout the USA gives them the target audience of consumers to reach.

Why do you want to invest in Ace Marketing & Promotions?

Mobiquity Networks

Mobiquity Networks has a lock on Proximity Marketing, which is location based mobile marketing. The future for advertisers is to engage its audience using location based mobile marketing within the shopping mall to truly interact with their desired demographic where and when it counts. Mobiquity delivers rich digital content such as movie trailers, wallpapers, and coupons via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi directly to the mobile devices of advertisers target audience without any cost to the end user. Within the Industry this is considered the”Holy Grail of Marketing.” This is not the conventional Wi-Fi you are familiar with over the internet, but rather a direct connection to the Proximity Marketing units and can only view locally hosted content (Ad Campaign) on the unit.

There are no Verizon or AT&T network charges, and you can receive the content even if you have no cellular service because Mobiquity is the network. This platform offers extensive reach to consumers. The mobile device has become an integral part of everyday life spanning all demographics. The ability to reach consumers at such a personal level dramatically increases the effectiveness of the campaign. The experience starts in the shopping mall but can be extended by the users. The user can easily share the content with others around the world, further extending the reach of the campaign. Mobiquity’s proprietary technology permits delivery to virtually any mobile device and properly formats each message to ensure that every user receives the best possible experience. Results are fully trackable giving campaigns a true level of accountability. Ace’s Mobiquity Network is currently operating in 75 malls across the USA, which services about 100 million shopping visits per month.

How does Mobiquity reach all these target consumers at the shopping malls and sports venues? Mobiquity Networks platform uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to ensure the broadest reach possible. Approximately 90% of all the cell phones (Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, LG, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, etc.) and smart phones (iPhone, Android, Palm, HTC) in circulation have Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. Mobiquity is compatible with over 1800 unique mobile devices. Mobiquity’s use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi eliminates the need to download any additional applications or for the user to be tracked via GPS, and makes the experience free to the end-user. Mobiquity’s Proximity Marketing via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi encompasses the largest number of mobile handsets and ensures the largest reach for marketers. Mobile phones are the primary contact platform for today’s modern consumer. It’s always on and it’s always with you!!

Delivering the right content in the right context to a mobile phone is a powerful method to personally influence individuals. The ability to deliver a variety of rich media at no cost to the consumer based upon the locale or time of day whether it’s video’s, movie trailers, commercials, coupons or discount announcements, album covers, mobile games, ringtones, reminders, to name a few. This technology can simultaneously transmit multiple pieces of content during one campaign. Mobiquity can deliver any digital file that is viewable on a mobile device without compromising quality to ensure quick delivery and virtually no impact to the devices memory. These digital files can also be shared worldwide across all social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Mobiquity use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi offers it tremendous advantages over all other media:

• Low Cost-Free for end user and offers much more complete content than any other media versus running up data charges when video is viewed through the cellular carrier
• Robust Tracking-Unparalleled out of home advertising tracking; Ability to track number of users who have been targeted; Ability to report the number of shoppers who reject or accept campaign
• Rapidly Growing Consumer Acceptance-Consistent campaign opt-in rates of approximately 25% and positive engagement rates of 80% + while maintaining an inherent value of the download itself
• Flexibility and Targeting-The best geographic targeting available with the ability to change the hierarchy and timing of the advertisement transmission. Ability to transmit any type of media including images, video, ringtones, Mp3, coupons, applications, games, and more. Maintains user response history to prevent duplicate transmissions and retarget users with personalized campaigns
• Timeless Advertising-Media remains in device until proactively removed by user and the advertisement can be spread exponentially around the world via Bluetooth, Email, SMS, MMS

What gives Mobiquity the “Proximity Marketing” monopoly with consumers? Mobiquity has recently signed an exclusive 5 year agreement with Eye Corp in the USA! Eye Corp is the leader in Shopping Mall Media representing over 800 brands in over 300 Malls across 42 states in the USA. I suggest visiting Mobiquity’s website to see the list of over 300 Malls controlled by Eye Corp. Iconic properties such as Roosevelt Field in NY, Copley Place in Boston, The Galleria in Houston, Lenox Square in Atlanta, and Northbridge in Chicago to name a few. This gives Mobiquity access to 205 million shopping visits per month with a collective spending power of $20 Billion per month. This is branded exposure that can’t be turned or thrown away!

So what is the Eye Corp + Mobiquity proposition? To interact and deliver content to consumers with disposable income to spend during their shopping experience where the average shopper at a Mall spends $100 per mall visit. To deliver content of entertainment and/or monetary value to drive consumers to locations within the mall and generate impulse purchases. The exclusive mall contract being that national and international brands such as; Toyota, GM, Coke, can reach the shopper with instantaneous deals at the point of purchase. Finally, to reach millions of mobile devices of all demographics at a very low cost.

Mobiquity has also recently signed a 5 year exclusive agreement with Simon Property Group (NYSE: SPG) to operate in 50 of their top malls across the USA. Mobiquity also operate in 25 Macerich Malls (NYSE:MAC) across the USA.

Mobiquity is forecasting to initially run 3 – 4 national marketing/ad campaigns per month. This revenue source will be on a per download basis. The advertiser does not pay unless the consumer accepts the download. A prime example is the 30 second movie trailer Mobiquity ran earlier this year for the DreamWorks motion picture Warhorse. Each campaign is estimated to yield approximately $300,000/month so this conservative projection would yield $1million + in revenues. Their current burn rate is $200,000/month which is almost 100% running the network. However, the infrastructure is in place to allow them to quickly scale and increase revenue multiple times with no increased cost.

A second revenue source will come with the launch of MallOffers Wi-Fi & This is where any retailer in the mall will pay $200 per month to post an instantaneous message or special that can be viewed by Wi-Fi to shoppers that enter the mall. will highlight the aggregation of these messages or specials so shoppers can review the offers that are running that day at their local mall prior to getting to the mall. It is estimated that each mall at full capacity could represent $20,000 – $30,000 per month per mall. The company anticipates running this program at 100 malls within the next 2 – 3 months. This could represent $2 – 3 million of high margined revenue per month. As time goes on this rental price can rise and bring in even more revenue.

Ray Dirks expects significant capital appreciation for investors in Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc. due to the location based mobile proximity marketing platform of Mobiquity Networks. Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc. currently has a $20 million market cap priced at $.80/share.

Ray Dirks strongly recommends investing in Mobiquity Networks via Ace Marketing & Promotions (AMKT) as they have the entire shopping mall as well as entertainment venue market wrapped around their finger that offers an amazingly rich advertisement experience that cannot be duplicated!

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