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Five Must Have Beauty & Health Foods..

1) Turmeric:  There is a reason this root is worshiped in India.  It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and detoxification qualities. It’s a must have for sprains, infections, congested skin and heart health.
TIP: Make this a party of your daily life. Add a pinch of organic powdered turmeric to your smoothies, eggs or any meat/vegetable dish you prepare.  This will stain anything it touches yellow, so white clothing BEWARE.

2) Pomegranate: The layered beauty of this fruit & the blood red color alone is a treat for the senses.  It’s high antioxidant content, cooling properties and effect on both your emotional & physical heart make it a ‘wonder’ food. Great fruit choice for the hot summer months.

TIP:Take pictures of it. Eat it raw.  Add 1/8th organic pomegranate juice to your water bottle.  Stew it with some pears. Add it to roasted meat dishes.

Add a table spoon to your smoothies.  Juice it and pomegranate shot.
3) Coconut Oil: If I could take one food to a deserted island, this might be it. 
  • healthy fat to use for cooking at high temperatures
  • natural anti-fungal properties
  • smells great
  • hair treatment for dry & brittle ends
  • under-eye treatment
  • facial oil to soothe wrinkles
  • body moisturizer
  • natural sexual lubricant
  • cooling internally and externally
  • lip balm and treatment
  • great in baked goods & homemade chocolate
  • cuticle repair agent
  • foot callous treatment

TIP: Just buy an organic jar of coconut oil and be creative.  A little goes a long way!


4) Spearmint: I chose this not only due to its many amazing properties, but also because it’s easy to find.  It smells great, soothes nausea, is a digestive aid, cools you down, and freshens the breath. Also, for you ladies suffering from hormonal acne, some studies show that spearmint lowers excessive testosterone levels.

TIP: Brew as a hot or cold tea, place in baked goods, use as a garnish, cook with it and add to smoothies.  Summer alert: Peppermint soap also naturally brings down your body temp and acts as a mosquito repellant


5) Radicchio: Bitter is best! Want clearer skin and less bloating?  This gorgeous vegetable can help add the much needed bitter element to your diet.


TIP: Use the entire outer leaf to make lettuce wraps for your veggie/beef burgers.  Roast it in meat dishes, cut it up into your mixed green salad, Grill it, saute it, cut up fine as a salad on it’s own with a squeeze of lime and a pinch of sea salt. Just eat it!

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Dr. Karuna Sabnani, ND is a Beauty Expert, she has practiced Naturopathic Medicine for 10 years. Using Ayurvedic principles and Natural Wisdom, Dr. Sabnani designs a personalized health regime specific for your lifestyle.
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