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SUMMER Survival Guide:
MINT:  Add fresh mint to your food and water.

RED GRAPES: Eat them as snack.  Add frozen grapes to drinks as a special treat.

CILANTRO: Add this cooling herb to your meals.



COCONUT WATER:   Not only will coconut water cool you down quickly, it will hydrate you and replace your precious minerals you loose with sweating. The freshest and best tasting is to drink the water directly from a young coconut. Many stores will cut them open for you if you request it.



WATERMELON: Drink fresh watermelon juice and eat this cooling fruit in between meals.



CUCUMBERS:  Keep a bowl of cucumbers around during the summer months,

add them to salads, juice them or add as an accompaniment to your main entrée. Place on your tired eyes.


ROSEWATER: There are many companies that make rosewater misters and hydrosols. Find a mister you like, or put a few drops of rose essential oil into a spray bottle and add distilled water. Spray on your face and body to cool off.





PEPPERMINT SOAP: Peppermint is not only cooling when taken internally, it also cools the body when applied to the body externally. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap is my favorite, it cools the body down a few degrees, works as a mild insect repellent and a little goes a long way.





CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA A great flower tea to use for cooling the body internally and heat symptoms such as tension headaches and throbbing gums. This tea can also counteract the heat from over consumption of fried food and BBQ’d foods




PEPPERMINT TEA: Similarly to above, peppermint tea helps to cool internal heat and when can be prepared hot or cold depending on the individual.




POMEGRANATE OR GRAPE JUICE: Get straight pomegranate juice and/or grape juice and add a splash to your water bottle. This will add to the electrolyte content on these ‘sweaty’ days, and give you tasty flavored and ‘cooling’ water without the sugar high of drinking juice alone.




ICE PACKS: Heat headaches are a common complaint during the hot months of the year. A very simple and effective way to reduce not only your headache symptoms, but to cool you off quickly is to place an ice pack on the top of your head. A pack of frozen peas or blueberries work in rush as well! 






  • Fresh pulp from an aloe plant
  • Coconut oil
  • Apply fresh unsweetened yogurt to the area and leave on until yogurt gets warm




SPICES:  Many spices naturally bring ‘warmth’ to our body. Two spices that naturally bring ‘cool’ to the body are CORIANDER and FENNEL. Use these in cooking your Summer dishes


14-Day Do-It-Yourself Detox:
Are you new to the idea of a ‘cleanse’ and want something simple to get started on right away? Summer is the time we all want to lighten up our diets & our bodies.
CLICK HERE to learn more about and get the 14-Day Detox kit, a simple & tasty program you can do at home.

  • Feeling down because your skin is breaking out?
  • Want to lose extra weight and fit better into your clothes? 
  • Want help to ‘press refresh’ on your life and get rid of that sluggishness?
  • Looking for more energy and relief from ‘burnout’? Tired of being TIRED?
  • Have chronic bad breath?
  • Are you on the go 24/7 and would love to cleanse but never have enough ‘time’?
  • Need a jump start to get relief from your allergies, grogginess, and your diet confusion?

**This is a general detox-program that is great for beginning a cleansing process. If you would like something custom for you, please contact us for a private consultation.


Illumé: What to Wear in Summer When You Feel Heavy


What does one wear during those first warm transitional day’s when they haven’t lost winter weight and are feeling on the heavy side? I thought this was a great question. Below are my suggestions.


CLICK HERE  for great TIPS by Stylist Trinity Rose on what to wear when you feel heavy.



Dr. Karuna Sabnani, ND is a Beauty Expert, she has practiced Naturopathic Medicine for 10 years. Using Ayurvedic principles and Natural Wisdom, Dr. Sabnani designs a personalized health regime specific for your lifestyle.
Dr. Sabnani treats patients with wide-ranging goals and concerns, such as: weight loss, allergies, thyroid issues, low energy, digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances and skin problems.
For convenience, you can meet with Dr. Sabnani in her Midtown NYC office, at your own home, or via Skype or phone.

Dr. Karuna Sabnani, ND (917) 334-9183

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