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Regret Free Holiday Tips & Recipes:

1) Exercise the morning before your feast and walk afterwards: 


Gyms & yoga studios offer special classes & hours on holiday mornings.  Do an extra long workout. Your digestion & weight goals will thank you. Grab a loved one, or five, for a post-dinner stroll, doing this before dessert is even better!

2) Eat Bitter. Drink Bitter.

If alcohol is involved, choose a bitter apertif or digestif to help you digest the large amounts & varieties of fare you will consume. Add bitter endive, radicchio or daikon to your salad mix.  Start your feast with this. Bitter helps to digest heavy, fatty foods.  Enough said.

3) Take a Break Before Dessert:


Drag your feast & fun out as long as possible.  Give your digestion a chance to recover from dinner before you dive into Auntie Olivia’s pumpkin pie, mom’s chocolate cake, and your best friend’s apple crisp a la mode.  1 hour between dinner and dessert is ideal.



4) Eat Slowly and Chew Your Food:


Seems obvious right?  Not so easy when you are used to speed-eating, trying to mingle with long lost loved ones & want to experience all of the 50 dishes on the table at the same time.


Don’t shovel the food in, chew, chew, chew!  Put your fork down between bites. This is vacation.  Relax.  Your stomach will have a chance to recognize it’s full, you will be less likely to overeat and fit into your work clothes on Monday.

5) More Greens. Less Potatoes:


Pumpkin, potatoes, and squash are heavy veggies and sit like rocks in your gut if you eat too many.  Save your starch-fest for your favorite pick or two on the table & save the rest of the space for some green veggies which have more fiber.  You will give extra thanks for this the next day.  Trust me.



6) Blood Orange & Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce (Sugar Free):  



Wow your loved ones with this tasty gourmet cranberry sauce recipe.



It’s very   easy to make & uses seasonal fruit.  It’s sugar free. Add a dash of rum if your family would approve.   Click Here for the full recipe.


7) Root Vegetable Mash (Ditch the Boring Mashed Potatoes!)

Click here for the full recipe.

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