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MARKET-ALERT – Rumblings Up, Down, and Around Wall Street – Issue # 412 dated December 4, 2016 – with Ray Dirks of RAYDIRKS Research and his team of Securities Analysts and Money Managers, along with the internationally-followed Web Sites – and, where Fashion meets Finance, and where Stocks meet Blonds.

Well, well, well…the stock market in the United States was kinda mixed last week as the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced very slightly, but the S&P 500 declined 1% and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 2.7%.

Rumblings is alerting its readers/investors to tomorrow’s Barron’s, The Dow Jones Business and Financial Weekly, where Barron’s is presenting its 10 Favorite Stocks for 2017 – and here they are :

  1. Google parent Alphabet (GOOG) at a recent price of $747.91
  2. Apple (AAPL) $109.47
  3. Citigroup © $ 57.27
  4. Walt Disney (DIS) $ 47.77
  5. Toll Brothers (TOL) $ 29.14
  6. Merck (MRK) $ 60.76
  7. Delta Air Lines (DAL) $ 47.77

8.Toll Brothers (TOL) $ 29.74

9.Deutsche Telecom (DTEGY) $ 15.51

10.Novartis (NVS) $ 67.75

11.Unilever (UL) $ 39.17

This looks like a good list of strong companies selling at reasonable prices. Rumblings commends the editors at Barron’s for coming up with such a powerful list that Rumblings agrees should out-perform the averages in 2017.

Rumblings suggests that our readers/investors look at Barron’s and study the article in tomorrow’s Barron’s for its excellent summaries of the business and investment characteristics of each of the 10 companies.

And next week, Rumblings will present its own list of Rumblings’ 10 Favorite Stocks for 2017…! Our list will include several smaller companies that are currently growing much more rapidly than the very large companies on Barron’s list. Of course, the smaller companies entail more risk, but Rumblings thinks the upside potential for these smaller companies more than offsets the downside risk. Perhaps one or more of these stocks will move up by 5 to 10 times next year. So – please take a look at the next issue of Rumblings.

We also suggest that Rumblings’ readers/investors place no more than 1% of the funds they devote to common stocks in the securities of any one company. It pays to diversify. …!

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